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Alex Tully

Road Trips

21 January 1974
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I RP Alex Tully at vegas_twilight

Alex Tully

Alex Tully is a 35-year-old landscaper with a dark past. Out of the blue, Alex's wife Kathryn goes missing, leaving him distraught. However, when Kathryn's anniversary present to Alex begins to ring, he rips open the package to find a cell phone. The mysterious call plunges Alex into the race, baiting him with the prospect of seeing his wife again. The catch, however, is that he has to embark straight away, and if he ever hopes to see her alive he will not notify anyone about where, or what he is doing. Meanwhile, the local police consider Tully a prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife, and subsequently view his sudden departure as overly suspicious behavior.

The unknown benefactors want Alex in this race for a reason, and it is assuredly because of his mysterious background as a semi-pro racer, and as a getaway driver/accomplice in a bank robbery. When Alex is arrested by an agent of the race dressed as a police officer he is interrogated about the murders connected to his role in the bank robbery. Alex eventually cracks begging what he believes is a cop to let him go, because he is racing for his wife's life. He promises to confess to whatever charges the officer wants to throw at him, as long as he can get back on the road. Upon Tully's confession, Officer Poole reveals himself as a part of the race, informing Alex that he could win, but only if he becomes the dark Tully once again, the one that would do absolutely anything to retrieve his wife.

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The officer then throws a stool smashing a two way mirror to reveal Alex's original Dodge Challenger; dating back to his long suppressed racing days. The car is a symbol of Alex's shady past, something that begins to surface again as he races to the checkpoint leaving all of his competitors in a wake of burning rubber. As Alex examines the car, he tells Officer Poole that "It's close, but it's not my old car." When Poole leans in to check, Alex pulls a knife from a hidden compartment in the dashboard and holds it to Poole's throat, indicating he is starting to change back into his "dark self."

Early in the race, Alex partners with Corinna Wiles, a woman who is being chased by the race organizers for stealing a flash drive containing information on all of the racers. Upon being the first to reach the checkpoint at Rome, Georgia, Alex and Corinna get a "head start" that would allow them to skip the next checkpoint and go to the one after it, theoretically putting them hundreds of miles ahead of the competition. However, to get this head start, Alex and Corinna have to rob a bank in Sweetwater, Georgia. They enlist the aid of Winston and Sean Salazar to break in at night and steal the note with the next destination from a safety deposit box. During the robbery, Sean is shot by a security guard, and Alex takes him to a doctor while Corinna and Winston wait at a motel with the box.

Rather than going to a hospital, Alex takes Sean to a criminal doctor in Tennessee that he knew from his days as a getaway driver. The doctor forces Alex to tell him where he had been over the last few years. When Sean deliriously mumbles about the $32 million prize, the doctor tells Alex to explain what is going on, or else he will let Sean die. Suddenly, Detective Erhle arrives, having been looking for Alex since he ran away from Nebraska. When the doctor goes to see the detective, Alex finishes stapling up and bandaging Sean's wounds. After a fight breaks out between Alex, Erhle and the doctor, Alex and Sean leave and go back to meet up with Corinna and Winston.

While on the road to Cleveland, the next checkpoint, Alex and Corinna realize that Winston had stolen Corinna's flash drive, which contained information on all of the contestants. Alex forces the Salazars to pull over, then gets out and starts beating Winston, looking for the flash drive. In the midst of this, Sean throws the flash drive, with his laptop, out onto the highway in order to get the two to stop fighting.

After the fight, Alex, Corinna, Sean and Winston hatch a plan to learn more about the race. At the Cleveland checkpoint, Corinna, who is being chased by the race organizers, will let herself be captured by them in order to infiltrate the organization. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean would go after Fernando Salazar, the father of Sean and Winston, whose company is sponsoring Winston. Finally, Winston would take Alex's cell phone in order to keep him moving to the finish line (the cell phones have tracking devices to keep tabs on the racers).

Alex has one sister, Becca Freeman, who is looking after his house while he is away. Upon questioning by the local detective (Erhle), she reveals that Alex had been a semi-professional race car driver, but had left that lifestyle behind for his wife. She credits Kathryn with making him "Alex again." When Erhle enquires about who Alex is when he isn't Alex, Becca doesn't answer.

Alex is portrayed by Nathan Fillion.

For RP purposes, I'm going to be playing Alex after he finds out that Kathryn betrayed him. She was working for the Race the whole time. Now he's in Las Vegas looking for some payback. He won the race, so he's got money. But now, he wants revenge.