#91 Blown Tire - 100 Drabbles of Summer

It blew when I topped ninety. The Challenger rocked, threatening to throw us off the road and into the canyon below. White knuckled on the steering wheel, I fought for control while Corinna held on for dear life.

“Tully! Slow down. We are going to die!”

“No we aren’t. I know how to drive with a blown tire.” Normally it wouldn’t be a problem. Normally I wasn’t racing down a steep hill either. Fuck my life. Fuck this race and the people who were running it.

Then I heard the second tire blow. “Shit. You might have been right before.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
Alex Tully

Home - Welcome Home Kathryn - Alex Tully DRIVE

“No peeking,” Alex said as he helped Kathryn out of the truck, catching her as she fell against him at the last moment. “Careful baby. Don’t want you breaking your leg when I’m trying to give you a big surprise.”

“Then you better hold onto me like there’s no tomorrow Alex Tully,” Kathryn said as she tightened her grip on his arm. “I’ve been blindfolded for miles. Weren’t you afraid that someone would think you were kidnapping me?”

“The thought did cross my mind.” He wasn’t lying. His heart had jumped nearly out of his chest when he’d passed by a police car on his way through the neighborhood. “But I’m sure we can convince them that I mean you no harm.”

He placed one strong hand on each side of her waist to lead her step by step over the long walk up to the house from the driveway. It had been his plan for months, he’d bought the land. Had the nursery planted while the house was remodeled. Now it was perfect, and it was going to be their home for the rest of their lives.

“Are you ready?” he teased kissing the back of her head. The smell of her shampoo making him smile.

“Yes I’m ready. Alex please!” she giggled leaning against him as he tugged at the ties of the blindfold. “But I want you to know if this isn’t a good surprise, you’ll be the one wearing the blindfold.”

“It’s a good surprise. I promise.” He slipped it off careful not to yank on her beautiful dark hair, and waited holding his breath while she took in the sight of their home. Hanging over the door was a banner that said ‘welcome home Kathryn Tully.’

Alex Tully
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Prompt: 235 theatrical_muse

Utopia - Heaven is a V8 - Alex Tully DRIVE

“She’s all yours Alex?”

Alex blinked once, twice and a third time as he stared slack jawed at the beautiful car that he’d been helping his dad rebuild all summer. “But dad, I can’t take your car.”

The car keys sailed through the air over the glossy black and sky blue paint of the hood as Alex’s father tossed them to him. “Be sure you catch those. Don’t want to scratch the paint.”

He caught them with a quick reach that he’d learned in summer after summer of little league and high school baseball. Alex looked at the distinctive pentagon shape of the Mopar keys as he ran his thumb over them. They were old and dinged up from more than ten years of being on his dad’s key ring along with the keys to their house, the tractors, the truck and his mom’s car.

“She’s mine,” he swallowed hard as he carefully unlocked the driver’s door. “Dad this is heaven you know that right? I’ve never wanted anything more in my whole life than this.”

“Alex you’re seventeen. I’m sure someday you’ll want something more than my hand me down Challenger.”

“Your perfect, like the day she was brought off the show room floor, 1970 Challenger Dad,” Alex said as he slid the key into the ignition. The engine started with one twist of the key, and Alex’s dad slipped into the passenger seat. “Where do you want to go dad?”

“The road’s yours Alex. You pick the direction. I’m just along for the ride.”

Alex Tully
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Prompt: 234 theatrical_muse

Knock, Knock - Alex Tully

Alex woke up with a start, dreams of better days spiraling down the drain like so much dish water. He rubbed at his eyes. It was late. The clock on the nightstand said it was 8am. He’d slept more than twelve hours. He rolled off of the bed, and walked over to the door.

“Corinna?” he called out to his partner. “What did you do? Leave your key?” He popped the door open. But instead of the tall blonde who had insinuated herself into his life. He found a dome covered tray on a cart. “Room service? I didn’t call for room service.”

“Good morning Mr. Tully,” the waiter pasted on a fake smile, and started shoving the cart into the room. “Your breakfast is courtesy of the hotel. It comes with your suite.”

“Oh,” Alex stepped back from the door, and scratched at his stomach beneath the edge of his t-shirt. “Come on in then.”

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Alex Tully
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Prompt: 233 theatrical_muse
Alex Drives

Prompt 230: Black and White - Alex Tully DRIVE

His fingers tightened on the steering wheel of the Challenger. The glossy black and blue paint was covered in dust from the haul through the desert. He’d been dodging cops ever since he’d left Nebraska and his old life behind. The last thing he needed was to get pulled over when he was so close to the next checkpoint.

“You sure this is the right place?” Tully looked over at Corinna.

Yes I’m sure.” She was looking at the sleek black race phone, and held up the bright blue display for him to see again. “But it’s not going to matter at all if that black and white catches up with us.”

“I am aware of that, Corinna.” His dark blue eyes flickered back to the rear view mirror. With a grim smile, Alex looked out at the meager pickings on the flat sun bleached stretch of freeway. There really wasn’t any other way to stop the cop, and get him off their ass. “Hang on.”

With his foot pressed all the way down on the gas, he cut off a big rig, close enough to nearly clip the backend off of his precious car. Behind them the rig jackknifed, the trailer twisting around to block the road behind him crushing a mini-van along the way.

“That should keep him busy,” Alex said, fighting back the bile in the back of his throat. He just prayed that no one died in the accident he’d just caused.

Alex Tully
252 words
Prompt: Black & White theatrical_muse
Alex in White

Vegas Twilight - Pimping the Comm I RP on....

Las Vegas Twilight is a role-playing game community where characters from different fandoms can interact, a creative writing community, and a fan fiction community. We encourage non-traditional forms of role-playing where more emphasis goes into writing longer posts which expand on details, environment and character development. If you would like to write threads that read like creative writing stories, then we welcome you at Las Vegas Twilight.

Community Rating: R
Themes: Horror, Gore, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Fantasy, Mystery, Reality, Historical, Action, Adventure, Romance, Crossovers

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Character List
Pretty Alex

Character Development Challenge

Who would bail her out if she were arrested?
I'd like to think that Eden, Caleb or King would bail me out. They are the three people I'm closest too in this world. And I think King owes me for his bail.

Is she married?
I've been married. There's a question about being hurt by someone further down. I'll go into details about THAT there.

Does your character have a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee, "significant other," lover, or several of the above?
I'm engaged to eden_mccain. It was totally unexpected. I didn't think I'd ever be able to love anyone again.

Who is her worst enemy? Why?
My ex-wife. The bitch will not leave me alone.

Where does your character go/what does she do with her friends?
Road trips are one of my favorite things to do with my friends. Eden and I went up to San Francisco, and it was beautiful.

Does she go out drinking with them?
King and I have been known to go out and get hammered.

Who does she have coffee with?
Caleb, my twin brother, and I have coffee together. He used to be a priest, so I feel kind of weird going out for a drink with him.

How close is she to her friends?
I'm very close to the three people I mentioned above. I get along with most people though.

How well do they know her?
I do try to keep secrets out of my relationships. Secrets destroyed my marriage. I think the only one who doesn't know everything is Caleb, but I'm sure he'll catch up.

Do they know her hopes and fears?
Like I said, I try to share everything.

Will they notice if she disappears or comes home with bruises?
I'm pretty sure if I came home hurt they'd notice. Eden and King both saw me dead. They very much noticed that.

Who is her best friend?
Hannibal King

Does she have any siblings?
I was adopted - well found - by my dad. He and my mom had a girl too. She's a few years older than I am. Her name is Rebbecca. I found out recently that I have a twin brother, Caleb. He was there when I fell in the river, but our mother hid what happened to me. We were pretty surprised to meet each other now as adults.

What is her relationship with them like?
My sister is a bit of a mother hen. She went through hell trying to protect me from the FBI when they thought I'd murdered my wife. Becca really went to bat for me.

Are they alike?
I haven't known Caleb long, but I get the impression that he'd be as protective of me as Becca is. Now if you're asking if Caleb and I are alike, I don't think we are. But I need to get to know him better.

Where does she feel safe? Why?
My favorite place to be is on the road in my car driving over the speed limit. On the road I'm in control.

What are your character's hobbies?
Driving, fishing and carousing

Who taught them to her?
My dad taught me about driving and took me fishing all the time when I was a kid. Carousing I learned with King and other friends over the years.

What movies does she watch?
I like funny action movies like Men in Black, Slither, Rush Hour 2

Does she go to the theater or watch movies at home?
I like to watch at home. It's so nice to cuddle on the sofa with my girl and share popcorn.

Who's her favorite movie star and why?
Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones and Han Solo - need I say more?

What is my favorite movie?
The Empire Strikes Back

What makes her laugh?
I do love a good dirty joke. I do not laugh at other people's pain.

How often does she laugh?
All the time. If you can't laugh in the face of danger, when can you laugh?

Does she have laugh lines?
Is that what they call crow's feet now? Yes I do have a hint of them.

Does she have a good sense of humor?
I hang around with Hannibal King. It's as required as knowing how to apply first aide.

What does she wish she could do that she can't?
I can't have kids. I was hoping that Eden and I could have 2.5 kids when we settle down. But being an Immortal I can't.

What jobs has she had?
Semi-pro stock car driver, wheel man, landscaper, mechanic, bank robber

What does she do for a living now?
I own and run Tully's Automotive

How many hours does she work?
Too many. I so need to hire another mechanic or two. You know anyone who needs a job?

Has she particularly loved or hated any of her old jobs? Why?
I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I miss racing. Hell I miss driving a get away car. But I know I can't live that life now. I have responsibilities.

What hurt will she never forgive?
I will never forgive Kelly Peyton aka Mrs. Kathryn Tully for lying to me about who she was. She manipulated me. Framed me for her own murder, and forced me to drive in an illegal cross-country race where so many people didn't make it.

What awful thing did someone do to her, and why can't she forgive them?
she above

What one item would she risk her life to protect and keep safe, if any?
My car. You can see a picture of her in my user ID.

What does she have in her pockets right now?
My car keys. My wallet. Inside the wallet are pictures of Eden and I in Frisco.

Crash and Burn - fan fiction - Alex Tully

The rain fell in huge round drops that hit the roof of the Challenger like a drum beat. Alex drove carefully down the long driveway up to the mansion where his teacher lived. It was late, the lights that lined the drive making the drops on the windshield sparkle. He couldn’t hear the crunch of the gravel on the drive. He had the stereo on too loud for that. The refrain of Radar Love rattled the windshield.

Or that’s what he thought it was. A crash of thunder made the ground shake as a huge blast of lightning blinded Tully. When the spots cleared from his eyes, he saw an unfamiliar motorcycle in the driveway. It was a big black Harley hard tail. The raindrops were quickly falling off of the wax on the bike’s paint.
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